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But all I remember was he was my best friend in 8th grade never thought of him as anything else until last year my ex boyfriend got mad at me for something stupid he called me a bitch a slut and a whore and I told my best guy friend what he called me he got mad and got a hold of my ex. I look back and think maybe he did cheat maybe he didn't, it kills me!! OMG need I say more It has nearly been 3 months now, and I'm so in love with him! He loves me all the same and I quote he "loves me more" Sometimes we playfully argue who loves each other more.

He's at least 12 years older than me, but damn, he does NOT look like his age at all. I'm the little lady in the relationship. Not too young though, I'm an adult. But he treats me so good, like a queen. The love we have is so deep, really indescribable. We've decided to get married. Too soon? Frankly, it feels too right to neglect the idea.

I love this man and I want to be in his life. Share everything together. Sure we had our ups and downs, but we get through and put the negativity behind us. A Pisces-Pisces relationship CAN work out if you two are willing to give it your all and understand each other enough to make it work. It's not that hard. It takes patients, and it takes 'two' to have an everlasting, loving relationship. I am Pisces girl , and Im here to show people that some of the Pisces guys are bad and love to cheat and some of them are awesome!!! On December I was dating a guy he was 18 and I found out that he was cheating on me with other girls , he was a big liar A month later, I met my current boyfriend , he's a great guy, it was really a love from the first sight , he's so romantic, ambitious, honest, we trust each other so much I Love him so much Me and my 'Ex' were both partners for 9 years - We had the best relationship until I found out that he was an absolute liar and had been lying about his money problems for most of the 9 years we were together.

Such a shame because we both connected spiritually and mentally, he was like my best friend. I'm dating a man he is also a Pisces. The first day I met him we fell in love he is the most amazing honest living romantic person I have ever met we love each other so much.

When it's good it's good when it's bad it's real bad meani. We are so much alike when we fight we don't give up. But at the end we love each other. I'm a dancer I met him at my place he just got me out of there supporting me cause he knows how much I hate the job. And he sees it. He is wonderful! Ladies Pisces men are great remember we Pisces ate very caring sensitive romantic so go for it. So I've been dating a Pisces man for a short period of time. The moment we met, it was great and everything was better than I had imagined. Soon as we got to know each other more, stupid meaningless arguments occurred frequently.

One would assume something the other did when really they didn't do anything. There was mood swings, attitude, attention seeking, untrustworthiness, miscommunication, I can list everything bad that's been happening. I don't know if our relationship is going to work, I'm very much confused and frustrated. I believe Pisces-Pisces are just too problematic and too much alike. He talks about sex a lot, and I'm still a virgin, I don't want the relationship based solely on sex and nothing more. That's not love, that's lust. I've fought too much with him to have just that.

I still have an ounce of hope in us but honestly, it's not looking good at all. Whether we break up or not, I still love him. I hate to be in this whirl pool of confusion though. I feel like he's definitely a soul mate and I know he feels it too. He's perfect for me and I don't want to lose him. The downfall is it feels so perfect that we're both really scared of this huge feeling we feel and I think we both feel that this love is TOO much for us to handle.

We been together only 2 months so it's still new, but every time im with him, it feels like i've known him from a long time ago before-Im praying it works out with us every day, but remember to keep God first in your life no matter how hard in love you are with someone--i hope he's the one. I'm a 36yr old man seriously involved with a wonderful Piscean woman, I have no complaints on this experience we compliment each other perfectly.

Perhaps it's the uniqueness of our other differences that attribute to our being so well matched Whatever the reason we're extremely happy and supportive of one another and I thank the Goddess and the God everyday for her presence in my life. We have recently got back in contact and have been together for five months now. We are both alike in so many ways and thats a good thing just as well as a bad thing. The good thing is we both understand each other totally,We both can talk about things on a more spirtual level.

And like I tend to hide the way im feeling with others he can just take one look at me and he knows when something isn't right. And I love him so much for that. I can be myself with him and express my feelings,dreams, and thoughts with him as if he's the pages to my diary and he's non judgemental. Sometimes when he thinks im not paying attention he stares at me with a dreamy smile and I know to some extent what he's thinking because I do the same to him. But the bad thing is from both of us being so sensetive we have a very bad temper, we both are possestive of each other and we both know when the other is being deci evein cuz from us being the same sign we both play the same games.

And when it comes to one of us getting hurt in the pocess we both try our hardest to make the other feel just as depressed and down. Cheating,words to bring low-selfsteem etc cuz when Pisces are hurt we are hurt deeply and the person who can hurt us the most to a Pisces is their partner. We always try to break up with each other but neither of us are strong enought to walk away because the bond is so strong and hard to find and at the end we understand why the other did what they did or said the harsh words they said.

And its because we are just alike and we cant hind our feelings or emotions. The love between us is one of kind and understanding is what gets us through the rough times I wouldn't trade him for the world im so happy that I found a person who loves like I love and feels what I feel we are the total package. I have been with my Pisces girlfriend for about a year and a half now we've known each other for over 18yrs.!!

She will say the same about me as well Remember that!! And I got to say that it works we talk allot about what we feel about everything and she is very romantic are sex is very good and I always wake up in the morning and surprise her with somthing like I cook for her and I bring her a gift and I write her poems and she writes back and we really love each other and im a ask her to marrie me in about a month. Well I just recently got done with a relationship involving a Pisces man, and of course, I'm a Pisces woman.

We dated for about 5 to 6 months and having two Pisces come together, magic happens. We got into things pretty fast and the sex was just amazing! Emotions were all out on the table and we were comfortable being with each other. I felt comfort in his arms and in the beginning he made me feel as if I was the only girl. Sensitive, emotional, he was the first to drop the L bomb on me O When I was with him, everything felt like what you would see in the romantic movies. Dates weren't that extravagant. We mostly sat on his couch, talked, watched movies and we were both fine and enjoyed that.

He would play his guitar and I would just sit and listen to him sing. We could go all day sitting down and stare into each other's eyes. Sometimes we forget to eat. I felt more than just a physical connection with him. There were times where we didn't have to talk, we both knew what the other person was thinking. How things ended is sort of long and complicated to explain.

All I have to say is that the relationship was energy draining emotionally and I had to end it because my emotions got the best of me. Also, I had made a lot sacrifices for him and I felt that I wasn't getting back what was given to him from me. And there were other reasons why we couldn't be together.

Different religious views and background Even though it lasted for a little bit, I've never felt a closer connection to another being on this earth, until I met this Pisces man. It's really sad now because after breaking it off with him, it was rough and confusing, we barely talk now. He seriously was my soul mate. I sort of regret getting into things pretty fast because I could of had a friendship that could of lasted a life time. It was all a lesson learned. Oh and did I mentioned that the sex was amazing?!

It was just beyond what the universe could imagine. I'm a Pisces women and am dating a Pisces man. We are 3 days apart in our birthdays. He is one off the best boyfriends I've ever had. He is romantic, smooth, and a total gentleman. He opens the doors for me, and surprises me with gifts every now and then. He is an absolute sweet heart and very mature. We have so much in common and he is always there to support me. I can always count on him to be there when I need him to be and he never breaks a promise. And not to mention the sex is incredible!

Pisces and Pisces are compatible. It can work and be one of the best compatibilities of the zodiac. You just have to find the right man. Make sure he has a solid job a nice car and his own place ladies ;. He is wonderful to me.

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Very compassionate, attentive, generous, funny, hard working, and a complete gentleman. Yes, he can also be childlike sometimes, but I love that part about him too! We are very much in tune with each other. I am a Pisces woman, and I would have to disagree on the "Pisces man and Pisces woman isn't a great match" crap. I dated a Pisces guy for a year. Even though he's with someone else now, I love him I am Pisces male. I have been married to Pisces wife for nine years. Her sexuality totally repressed. I love her, love my son. She does not kiss me on the mouth, open.

The only time I see her naked is in the shower. Strangely the shower is completely comfortable to be naked. Sex is "uncomfortable" for her. I miss the physical contact. We sleep with a pillow between us. Dying here. Sagitarius we had much more fights but sex was great. I am 20 and my husband is 43 big age difference but we are both Pisces and like every relationship you have ups and downs but we love each other very much sex is amazing and since most male Pisces are notorious for cheating we make it a point to keep our sex life exciting by having 3sums and the whole bit we live together he's a business man and we are both honest with each other he's a little insecure but every woman should make it a point to stroke her mans ago other then that were are great.

I didn't ever really think about my sign or anything untill he pointed out all my emotions one day and asked me what I do to let my emotions out. I don't know where it will lead but right now im happy with him. I trust him. I truly believe Pisces can be together. I hope it works out. I know its going to take some effort. I am 21, and have 33 year old boyfriend. We are both Pisces, and I have to say this is becoming the best relationship I have ever been in. My first 2 long lasting relationships were with a Sagatarious and a Libra, both utter failures.

With my current man, I have no issues, other than he flirts quite a bit. I do aswell, so I would be a hypocrite if I didn't accept it, or atleast try to work on myself as well. We are both hardworking and responsible people, and in all honesty he is way more responsible than I am. He can read my mind, and I his. We love doing the same things, and bend easily for each other when necessary. I love his attitude, and were both fun loving people, so we never get bored with eachother.

The sex happens to be the best I have ever had, and I have been with an older man before, and it doesn't even come close to preparing. I wouldn't say he's my soulmate, but he's def my best friend. We can sometimes get on each others nerves and need time apart, but thats a Pisces trait, that we both share.

We get over it by spending a couple nights out without each other and were fine when we meet back up. I trust him, but were both rather jealous. We aern't possesive but do not want to see or hear about ex gf's or bf's, but focus on being together, and making our relationship the envy to our friends. We have grown to have the same friends, and we also love each others families, and I like it because his is wayyy crazier than mine! I am a Pisces woman and I have recently met a Pisces male who is very hard working and strong minded but also deep and passionate might I just add.

I think it is absoulutely ridiculous to say that this is bad match for all. At the end of the day every person is differnt and you cannot put every male in a Pisces box and call them the same. We are all individulas. Im not sure what will happen with this man I met but so far we have an amazing connection and I aint met anyone else like this guess we'll see what happens.

Not all Pisces men are cheaters it realy depends on upbringing myself as a Pisces man im more on the emotional side and ive never cheated on any of my girlfriends. I never would because id expect the same from them. Ive been cheated on twice by other signs and know what it feels like-. So I was reading through these posts and I read the one I pasted above. Wow I have never in my life heard some one else tell my love story as precise as that. I was even considering I might have posted that post myself in my sleep or something. I am a female piscian and recently met a male piscean.

I didn't fancy him initially but as he was I nterested in spirituality I decided to meet him may be to see if we could be friends. But when we started communicating I realised that we feel the same emotioanlly about reraltionships and lefe in general and we hit it off. He is so romantic and is always thinking about romantic places etc. Having met many men all my life who would criticise women for being romantic and wishy washy I finally met a men and he makes me feel how I always felt about love and romance is exactly how things should be as he makes it look so normal.

I know I will fall in love and thats the fear. He appears to flirt with women a lot but appears jealous if guys look at me. I really want an emotionally charged romance even for short period. He calls me and texts me and seems very caring and loving and understands me. I am a 22 yr old Pisces female who also dated a Pisces male! We had good times and bad times! We had our ups and downs! But like a lot of people said he lied a lot and was secretive!

Im not sure if he cheated but Im pretty sure he did! Im not going to say that Pisces men and women are not good matches because they can be good matches it just depends on how mature they are! My x was really immature and just wasnt ready to grow up yet! But what was so sad was he couldnt even face me after he broke up with me! He didn't even break up with me in person! I am a Pisces February 23 woman and my man is also a Pisces March We never got a chance to do anything cause she was in a relationship at the time but that has come to an end.

I think I may have found my true soulmate. Oh and I am a man that longs for a living woman. This man pisces since we met have been smitten. We are going slow and learning about each other. My significant other died earlier in I did not feel id ever breathe again. This man has brought out the feeling and desire that i just want to be around him. I get a smile in my heart that i feel in my soul.

He says i kinda saved him too. Taking things slow i dont know how to do that very well. There such a different connection. I would feel robbed if we werent friends. Hi scorpion women. I have been dating a piscean and he is a divorced person. Initially,he was good to me and used to stay very possessive. But gradually he started behaving rude to my care and behaviour. We got physically involved but he never considered me as his gf. After 6 months I proposed him. But he refused. But after I went out of his life he turned up after 15 days. Then he started to make things fine as I started creating gaps between us.

But 3 months ke kept showing concerns and possessiveness. He never added me on FB and he used to delete my chats when he used to meet me coz he used to get more suspicious that I may blackmail him or spoil him. Then after those three months passed we started to have more fights and he started to block me every now and then from watsapp and calls. Since then I found a change in his behaviour. But when I started to be like I dont care about him and never initiate chats since then he used to turn up.

But when I used to meet him personally he was most of the time a cold person. Only hot while sex. Now he lied to me one day that he is going to be with his brother and when I traced him he was somewhere else. His phones were on flight mode all day night. I blocked him from whatsapp fearing cheating. When I tried to soeak to him he says m not urs. M a gigolo only. He is not being fine at all. Just blocked from everywhere. When I asked I wna meet n sort out he is like if u have ample money get me a phone that wasting it to meet in hotel.

N he would meet only when I get a phone for him. Now u guys tell are these traits of a piscean or a psychic. N even after being possessive nt speaking to a guy he was speaking to n number of girls. I love him can I ever get him back. He is 24 feb or he would behave like this and finish friendship pls suggest what do I do. He had a way of looking at me that seemed to push passed the exterior, to the very core of me. As an adult, he is beautiful. The attraction is so magnetic. He still lives in our hometown. I would love to meet him again but it seems like a dream. I last saw him 5 years ago.

I am Pisces female. I met my Scorpio guy 5 months ago. When we met it was so strange because we instantly connected as if we knew each other for years. The first 3 months were great a dream come true but since 2 months he has changed he has become distant n hardly call or text. When I text I get no reply until a day or so. I spoke to him about it and he said work is taking up his time. He told me to give him some time and be patient with him. But I have and it just feels like we are drifting apart even more.

I really like him because he is like no one I ever met and I know he likes me too. He is like a dream come true. A very serious relationship. We can talk for hours about anything.. We can be anywhere and tune the world out with just US in conversation, in lust, in deep and intense communication.

I do all I can to stay in my lane and respect his relationship, but each day I like him even more. He also bonds with my children. Surprisingly, I also bond with two of his. We talk about sex a lot.. I can go weeks without talking to him, but once we lock eyes all of the feelings and emotions rush together overwhelming me! What am I to do?.. Do I wait?.. I recently met this scorpio. About 2 weeks ago thru god or fate we found ourselves outside talking thru mutual friends.

Lol i mean it was as if we was the only humans on the planet lol. Good post coco really dig this chick there something deep between us i can feel it. This is Scorpio Seductress here. Do you have to ask what to do? Throw this fish back and catch another one! Been there and done that girl. CoCo-Scorpio31 — I have no idea if you will see this message? But I hope you do! And it was definitely NOT planned! I noticed him noticing me and vice versa. But we never said much to each other.

Only a few things here and there. Then one day during a meeting he told me to call him by his name. And not Mr. I looked at him and saw how serious he was and said OK then! Still I made no moves towards him. Fast forward 3 more years and she was Graduating. And there was a celebration he was there. So I thought to myself this is probably the last time I will see this guy. Since I had my camera with me. I decided that I would go over to him as ask if I could take a picture of him. Once he saw me coming he just stared at me. Well you know damn well I starred him back down! Even though it seem like a formality he went with it.

He did me one better and said take a picture with me. I was cool all the way up until he put his arms around me and let me wrap my arm around his waist. Once I felt his body and how strong he was. And he smelt so damn good to! There were jealous on lookers to. Anyways, I abruptly said ok it was nice knowing you and take care. I causally said that I would! I looked at him and knew that he meant it.

I was like ok i will. I finally contacted him a few months later. We emailed back and fourth. Then I told him I would like to see him. We made plans with him procrastinated and procrastinated. Laughed then told him it was ok. After that he decided to see me. The story is too long to tell. But we ended up seeing each other for 3 years! But I Never had him for myself. He did fall in love with me as well. He told me so. But we both knew that he was living a double life.

So we parted ways with heavy hearts! But his man penetrated through my heart all the way to the other side! And even though I felt oneness when we made love. It was actually when he would be kind and tender to me that made me love him more. Especially when out of the blue he would hold my hand while love making or just walking together. So I get what YOU are saying. But girl save yourself some heartache. Because my love tears stained many pillows! Let him go…and find someone that is ALL yours to keep! YOU deserve that…. We would stare into each other eyes all the time.

It so beautiful! But how I knew he really loved me despite what was going on. This is how he told me. It was simple but profound. While we were both lying in the darkness. On our backs in the bed staring up to the ceiling. Just being silent with each other.

A shiver literally ran through my body. I knew he was feeling vulnerable. So our course I told him I loved him to! But not the way he did it. It touched my soul. I married a Sagittarius who abused me physically, physically, mentally and emotionally. While going through this my Pisces guy saw me going through this…at the time he was in a relationship with an Aquarius whom hurt him also….

I saw him hurting…. Let alone we were connected through my sister and his brother because they had a baby together…. I just hurt right now because I luv him but the odds and my insecurities get in the way….. I kind of want to just move on and cut my feelings off.. We planed to move in together he doing everything he said he will.

Pisces Girls

Should I ask him I hate for him to be with me and wanting someone else but I really really love him. I worked with a pisces girl for almost a year, and only within the last month of our contract did we start talking. Our group took a beach vacation together, and as two water signs I think we both just hit it off by the water. I freaked out silently when I found out she was a pisces because I had heard of the legendary bond between pisces and scorpio.

We had this instantaneous connection, and I had never experienced anything like it in my entire life. It was like the wind was knocked out of me, and some beautiful human being who was completely non-judgemental, sweet and innocent just popped into my life. We both had girlfriends, but I knew my relationship with my virgo was about to come to a close.

Pisces and I kept growing closer, and I eventually told her how I felt after I thought she felt the same at our end of term party. She was apologetic because she felt the connection too, but since we were both in relationships she brushed it off as fun. Even after so much meditation and yoga there is still a part of me that thinks we can be together. I know she still looks on my social media. Am I being delusional, or is this actually something that could happen?

I refuse to make a move to her again because my pride was deeply wounded when I was rejected. Any advice is greatly appreciated. We put our partners on pedestals than no one else can reach. When I met my Scorpio man 4 years ago I think it was love at frist sight. I literally looked in his eyes and felt chills run down my back.

That frist part of the relationship was so magical and amazing. We fight a lot because of it. He claims he wants to marry me but only thinks of himself. He says one thing but his actions are the complete opposite. I miss those days we had before. But this fact was what attracted me to him in the frist place! He was different- different perspective, different experiences, different life. Hi I am a Pisces female I met my Scorpio male a year ago,we were together for 8 months. Reading this article makes me understand why I am so drawn to him.

From the beginning we had an instant connection I have never felt this way with someone before. He understands me so well n shows me so much kindness. Never has a guy been this nice to me and not because of sex. He tells me all the time I make him feel appreciated n he loves how I am kind to him. I bring out the best in him. Sad part why we parted, he has a 4yr old daughter n of course a baby mama who is a Virgo. He lied to me they were still sleeping together n she got pregnant again. She was the one that contacted me n told me they are still together. I felt so sad like I was betrayed.

He disappointed me so much worse when he turned the blame on me for talking to her. I felt so hurt I cried for days. After a couple of weeks he called n said he was sorry n they are not together n he wants he n I to be friends. Then he went abroad for a month. It drove me crazy not hearing from him as he always text me on Fridays. By the other month he called me out of the blue to say he is back n how am I doing.

I could hear in his voice he was happy to talk to me. He said in the future things will workout between us for now he is going with the flow. Fast forward to his birthday dinner I planned because he made my birthday special. He was so happy to see me n he loved it. When we kissed I felt the strong connection we had when we first kissed came right back. Throughout my rough times he stuck by me,motivated me n cared for me. My heart have been broken so many times but for the first time I like someone n it feels so right. He makes me feel like I can take on the world.

I want him so much n I think over time I started loving him n I am scared. He keeps telling me in further things will workout n he always wants to take care of me. When I am in need he is there,he calls sometimes, he texts. But what about her n her feelings n why hold on to me when she has his kids. Why me? When he takes pictures with her he is not smiling n by looking at him in it I know he is not happy..

Does he seem to want me? I wish I knew years ago to not keep pushing buttons, being Pisces I need the answers now and why someone feels or acts a certain way, but if I knew to give time, we probably would have never argued. I am a pisces woman and have a complicated relationship with scorpio man.

However, he cheated on me and he is very secretive and he keeps telling lies, but I always caught him from the way he talked. He said that he loves me and he also loves her because of the money, material thing that she could give to him and a promise to help him to work abroad. I keep on forgiving him and trust him that he will changed and be a responsible man for us. I wanted to help him but I decided not to for the sake of my upcoming child and self-respect. I just prayed that he will changed and help me to achieved my future plan for our family.

They both turned out to be players and extremely aggressive in bed. In the beginning it seemed like they wanted a long term relationship just like me but ended up loosing interest after sex was terrible. Oh well sun sign compatibility can only tell you so much. Is there a chance that a scorpio woman would find me to be the complete opposite of how I see myself? I met this male Pisces when I was a 13 year old girl. We automatically clicked. We spoke on the phone all the time everyday. He was my best friend and I was crazy about him. He even told me he didnt know what love was but he thought he was falling in love with me.

I asked him to wait until I was 16 and he said he would but things got complicated. We started to fight and he ended up telling me to choose between dating him and being loyal to my parents. So because of this we didnt speak. I ended up turning 16 and was allowed to date but he was nowhere to be found. He would come back into my life over the years and it would be as if we never stopped speaking.

However, he seemed closed off. We kissed but nothing was ever question. Then years passed and we physically got together here and there and sometimes I would sense he was hiding his feelings…but he kept telling me he wanted no strings attached. Now 8 years later…Im still head over heels for him but his feelings are still questionable. I blocked him because I couldnt stand being hurt anymore…and he went crazy.


I told him he couldnt be in my life if he didnt have feelings because it was hurting me yet he wouldnt leave me alone. He said he felt I was being stupid. But then a month later he asked to see me and never did and ended up going back to college. Than you for this. This read has been really good for me in terms of closure. I am a scorpion woman in love with a Pisces man. We met briefly once and since then he had messaged me online and i responded. Since then we spoke all the time because, he was always travelling anyway because of his job.

Pisces Manage a Tough Balancing Act as Martyrs

And i was dating someone else and so was he. We alays spoke about deep things, like religion, shared music, spoke about family views. I could share so much with him but i was still quite sercretive about my love life with him and so was he until i would ask him. Our friendship grew and blossomed through online chatting because we were always so far from each. He helped me alot with my hobby and i supportd him in his career.

It was then time to meet after 1 year of non stop messaging each other every morning and night. Wishing each other good night and good morning. I was afraid to truely share my feelings with him, i did not want to get hurt because of our distance, i couldnt bare. But anyway he proposed that we meet and hang out.

So i invited him over to where i am living right nw a country very far from him. He came over and in the next 2 days he had confessed his love for me and i did too. It was beautiful we spoke about we feel we know each other and this connection is something so different from anyone we have ever been with.

He stayed with me for a month and then had to leave because of his work and he came back 2 weeks later for 1 week. We spent all that time together and it was beautiful and we spoke about how we would try this relationship out despite our distance and his career. I have never been treated with such a warm and caring nature, before he left he warned me that he does get a bit dreamy sometimes and that would lead to his communication being a bit flaggy.

I said ok believing him but not realizing it would happen so quickly. A week or two passed after he had left seeing me for the second time and he started to become distant with me. I could feel it from where i was. The communicaion was different everything was different — and with my intuitiveness i sent out a long email to him asking is this really gonna work. I wanted reassurance from him or i wanted to spark a conversation of things which i knew he was thinking but he wasnt making the first move.

We broke up in the end of February i think that was just before the Venus retrograde or during it, not sure. He said he had feeling the same that maybe we got into this too quickly without thinking about it in the long run. I am now in love with this guy but it seems to me we have had a major freak out because of this distance — that we will hardly see other. I have never felt so deeply to a man in my life and i am convinced he is my life partner but right now he is ignoring me and its driving me crazy and im learning to give him his space whatsoever.

Because i love him and i hope hes ok and i know he needs and loves his space. I am struggling. I hardly ever say i love someone. But i do with this guy and he completes emotionally. What should i do? Give him space?? Is says on your compatibility here that Scorpio will get turned off with this from a Pisces and yes i am turned off about it but i still feel the same way for him. Why is he pushing me away? Is it just for now? Besides my leo mars, my natal chart is heavily in scorpio I was born in Pluto in Scorpio generation My dad is Pisces, my best friend who I flat with, and a number of my good friends, a mixture of whom are no longer in my life and some still in, all Pisces.

They usually were ones that had a fair bit of air and fire in their charts, which is something I usually struggle with, having a water dominant chart. Anyway, I started messaging an ex of one my good mates in April this year and we hit it off. I wanted to gain some information about her, so I checked out her chart. The similarities shes a sun moon double pisces and has the same mars and saturn as well, were so striking, I knew the relationship could go the distance. It was in my subconscious but such a powerful feeling, and being the private and conventional scorpio, I kept my feelings to myself.

We have some much emotional synergy, and common interests like yoga and music. It was going into early June when there was a music festival here in Wellington New Zealand that I was at a crossroads. I was so scared! In hindsight I should have. I was and am, in love with her. We still message here and there, and I hope I may get another chance. Maybe when Jupiter moves into Scorpio. My natal Jupiter is in the 7th house, which is all about partnership. He had a tough childhood divorced parents, they moved around a lot.

His a financial advisor in investment banking so his always busy. We made a connection instantly used to talk everyday then finally we met up we shared an amazing kiss and an amazing connection. We then met up again on a test date, but we ended up having serious Conversations about relationships and commitments. He made it clear to me that his not a relationship guy. I really enjoyed our time together. I am so confused by this. Can somebody advise me on this? Lost my Pisces man almost 2mos ago after a 9yr of off and on of a relationship. I love him unconditionally but ive never seem to get over my possessiveness and insecurities.

He always reassured me i was the only one and always gave me my way in our relationshipeven if it meant letting go of friendships or family but my jealousy and controlling ways sent him into such a rage that there was no coming back from it this time. I agree completely with almost everything you say. I was with a pisces for three years amd the last two years were far distance where we saw eachother three times a year.

Pisces Child: Personality Traits and Characteristics

She does not know how to refuse, she is afraid of appearing tactless and rude. Therefore, her decision changes several times a day. In the morning she can listen to one girlfriend and fully support her decision. By the evening will necessarily fall under the influence of an authoritative classmate, will begin to express absolutely the opposite opinion.

A thin sensitive nature gets tired of constant doubts, often cries. It is impossible to predict what the most ordinary conversation ends: a cheerful girl can fall into a bad mood in a couple of minutes.

Pisces Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility In Love and Marriage Life

Girl-Pisces is not interested in material values, for her the main thing is peace of mind. Selflessly undertakes any difficult task. Easily sacrifices her own interests for the sake of well-being of close people. With pleasure, help your girlfriend to make a poster or write an essay. Often, her kindness and responsiveness are used by unscrupulous people. A girl can get into an unpleasant story, parents should teach her to defend their interests.

The complex nature of the girl-Pisces is most accurately expressed in creativity. The baby draws well, loves to visit exhibitions and museums. She is a connoisseur of music, reads a lot. Parents should pay attention to talents of the daughter, it is necessary to drive it on developing employment. In school, the girl is often instructed to design stands, she likes a quiet creative work alone with herself. Especially brightly manifests itself in the lessons of work, a modest schoolgirl can come up with and sew a collection of fashionable clothes.

Over time, will become a professional in the field of the arts, the main thing — to believe in yourself. Child-Pisces is not distinguished by calm behavior. The baby often cries, painfully reacts even to the weather change. Any quarrels and troubles in the family are reflected in the emotional state of the girl. Can be capricious about trifles. admin