Parivartana yoga in astrology

The very few things which will pop in your mind is Love Marriage, Success in business, Kids living a good life and abroad opportunities for them etc. This interpretation is same like when 5th lord is placed in the 7th house. Now during Dasha of any of these lords, both houses will give results simultaneously. For sake of convenience suppose Dasha running is of 7th house lord and follow the steps given below: 1.

Include 5th house Dasha results independently along with 7th house Dasha results. In normal circumstances like union of 5th and 7th house lord, we take mix significations of 5th and7th house signification to predict results. Moreover, we do a synthesis of the union here using bhavat bhavam etc.

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But as said before before, here in exchange yoga you need to bring 5th house signification completely into 7th house. That is why in mahaparivartan yoga results are amazing for native because Dasha results of two auspicious houses are active at same time.

Parivartan Yoga

Parivartan Yoga between 5th and 7th house and with active Dasha of any of those. You will be enjoying results of two benefic houses where marriage, kids, honors, success, gains from business, gain from kids and speculations and a lot of other good results will come to you and since it's a Rajyoga, the results will be greater than results of another kind of planetary association between 5th and 7th house.

Also, this kind of auspicious Parivartan Yoga will improve the strength of horoscope drastically. For example, in Indira Gandhi horoscope there is an exchange between 5th Mars and 2nd Sun house. Now, to interpret this Parivartan Yoga you can follow these steps. The exchange between 2nd and 5th lord resulted in birth in a powerful family. This exchange also gave her a huge status and position. Treat 5th house as ascendant here and you will see there is an exchange between ascendant and 10th house. It shows a great rise of her kids.

Here, 5th is for kids and 10th is for status. Her second son was Prime minister of India and is still one of the talked about Prime minister ever. Her both son died a violent death. Sun in the 5th house not for kids and being a Maraka due to its second house lordship, it affected the longevity of her kids.

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Sun in 5th house in an exchange with Mars also shows how she interacted with people in general and her image was of a hard task master where many consider her as a ruthless leader when she declared an emergency, which is considered as a black mark on democracy of India. Though the 5th point here is not only due to exchange between 5th and 2nd exchange, her other exchange 6th and 11th house have a big say in it. Let's interpret her other exchange I just talked now. This Parivartan Yoga in the chart can be dissected like this: 1.

If you will look into her life you will find that she had to face a lot of opposition in her political career and she got victory over her enemies very time people went against her. It's all due to exchange between 6th and 11th house lord. Where Victory over enemies is seen after a hard fought battle. This Parivartan Yoga made her very courageous and she took some bold decisions like war with Pakistan which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

This exchange yoga between 6th and 11th houses gave her Victory over enemies and made her bold enough to take extreme steps for it. Julia Roberts, the hollywood actress who is known for great acting and her interest in Hinduism also she have a strong Neechabhanga Rajyoga in her horoscope. Joesph Stalin, in his horoscope Dainya parivartan yoga which made him cruel and a ruthless leader. He also have two other Rajyoga i. Joseph Stalin Horoscope. Michael Douglas, in his horoscope there is a exchange between 10th and 11th house, giving him world wide recogination. With these examples of her Parivartan Yoga, you will realize that, if you have Parivartan Yoga in your horoscope then your whole life will revolve it and you will be remembered for events related to it.

Parivartan Yoga leaves a deep mark on someone identity and they mostly thrive for significations of houses involved in Parivartan Yoga. So far we have discussed the exchange of planets and there is another kind of exchange which happens between nakshatra and is called as Sookshma Parivartan. It can be identified easily and for example, if Sun is in Jupiter nakshatra and Jupiter is in Sun nakshatra then it is called as Sookshma Parivartan. Here, planets are related to each other on the nakshatra level and you need to see lord ship of nakshatra lords from D-1 chart.

Suppose in a Pisces ascendant horoscope, there is a nakshatra exchange between the 6th house Sun and 1st and 10th house Jupiter lord. Here, during Dasha of Sun there will be progress in career and during Dasha of the 10th lord, there will be health issues. Read Free For 30 Days. Mainly, it is the nature and character of a person which is influenced by Khal Yoga; and, its impact on profession and finance remain secondary.

As mentioned in my previous article s , the final results of Khala Yoga or any yoga will actually depend upon many factors and it is only after a thorough and detailed examination of the horoscope that one should try to conclude. I will, now, try to explain and elaborate upon this exchange between 1 and 3 houses as below. In addition to other things like siblings, ear, movement, change, journey etc. And, the First house deals with self, physique, nature, strength, intellect, fame and success etc.

Therefore, the exchange between first and third house of a horoscope will primarily influence these specific aspects; and, the overall conclusion is to be drawn in accordance with the general results of this Yoga. That is, formation of a Khala Yoga with exchange between first and third house of the horoscope may generate following results:.

Generally, the Ascendants ruled by the Sun or Saturn i.

Nipuna, Parivartana, Adhi Yoga

One may follow the path of incest and malpractice: These traits are not independent; and, mere house exchange between first and third house may not be able to generate such influence on a nativity. Like, if Mars is joined by the Moon in first house of Aquarius Ascendant Kumbha Lagna and Saturn is combust in third house where it is occupying its debilitated sign ; then, chances of such traits will become more prominent. Or,if Venus is joined by Rahu in first house of Leo Ascendant Simha Lagna and the Sun which will be debilitated in third house is joined by the Moon in third house; then also, the possibilities of such traits one being corrupt or following the path of incest and malpractice will become stronger.

This is more possible when the lords of tenth, eleventh or twelfth house are also getting involved with some weakness or disturbance. For example, in Capricorn Ascendant Makar lagna the lord of third house Jupiter will also be having lordship over twelfth house signifying expenses and losses. Like, one may remain unstable in career, may experience lack of security and trust within professional dealings and may also suffer from financial losses.

For example, if Sun is joined by Mercury in third house of Leo Ascendant, Venus is in first house and Jupiter is in seventh house wherefrom it will be having its auspicious aspect on Sun, Mercury and Venus ; then, despite the formation of Khala Yoga, the native may expect good results in professional and financial matters. The influence of supportive and auspicious planets on the relevant planets generating Khala Yoga i.

The involvement of well disposed sophisticated planets in formation of this yoga may induce positive traits related with arts, music, singing, painting, dancing or may bless the native with success in entertainment or sports. It means at least two planet become the beneficial for the native. This is particular planetary situation because both the planet are depend on each other. Maha yoga is different from Mahabhagya Yoga. Maha Yoga is an auspicious Yoga and both the sign lords of auspicious houses are involved in this yoga.

How To Read Parivartan Yoga

Maha Yoga is created when both the interchanged sign lords ruling planets belong to only auspicious houses, i. People born under Maha Parivartana Yoga are fortunate and achieve all that they like to acquire in their life. They get political power, prosperity, name, fame, status and authority. Many prominent leaders including Presidents and Prime Ministers of many countries had this Yoga in their astrological birth charts.

Former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Explanation : To explain more clearly, when the auspicious houses, Kendra 1st,4th,7th 10th house , Trikona 1st,5th,9th house , Dhana shthana 2nd house representing wealth or Labh sthana 11th house representing income, mutually exchange their houses, Maha Yoga is formed.

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In Maha Yoga all the inauspicious houses Dusthana i. There are twenty eight possible Maha Yoga. Third house involved in Kahala Yoga represents courage and hard work. Kahal yoga is formed when there is mutual exchange between the sign lords of 3rd house and one of the auspicious houses i. There are eight possible Kahala Yoga. Person born with Kahala Yoga will be courageous and hard working.

Parivartana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

This means the person will have to struggle hard to improve his condition. There will be fluctuations in life. The person will be very prosperous or driven to poverty, will face lots of difficulties but manage in all the situations very efficiently and be prosperous with his own efforts and hard work.

Sometimes he will be harsh and sweet in speech at other times. In Dainya Yoga one of the inauspicious house lords i. In Vipareeta Raj Yoga both the inauspicious house lords Dusthana lords i. Dainya means poor or miserable. Mutual exchange between 3rd and 6th or 3rd and 8th or 3rd and 12th house lords 3rd and any of inauspicious house lords are considered Dainya Yoga, and not Kahala Yoga.